Has Your Business Made The Switch on Instagram?

Has Your Business Made The Switch on Instagram?

You knew it was coming didn’t you? Instagram has rolled out business accounts, which makes it easier for customers to get in touch with you. Has your business made the switch on Instagram yet? This short post shows you exactly how to switch your account to a business account. (more…)

Five Instagram Tips You NEED to Know



Almost every social media app has hidden tricks that can help make your life much easier. And for Instagram, that is true!

Through spending time on Instagram, Rochelle and I have discovered little things that will help make your life just a little bit easier.  (more…)

How To Switch Between Multiple Accounts on Instagram

Finally! Instagram now lets you have more than one account linked on Instagram and we are going to show you how to switch between multiple accounts on Instagram.

I can hear the hallelujah chorus echoing all around. Just kidding. But seriously, how exciting is this! You can now get years of your life back because you do not have to log in and out of accounts every day. (more…)

Get Creative on Instagram with Music


Want to learn a new way to have fun and be creative on Instagram? Well, we have an exciting new idea to share with you that is a way to mix up your normal Instagram content with what you are already posting, and it is sure to get everyone’s attention. And it’s just perfect because it goes well with Mondays … really well (which luckily, today is a Monday!). (more…)

Instagram Strategy For Launches + Special Events

A few weeks ago, Chelsey and I put together a custom Instagram strategy—a mere 45 pages of exactly how to setup the account, what to post, which hash tags to use, and how and when to track and measure performance, etc., for a client whom we dearly love.

During this exercise, a strategy was rediscovered that we felt inspired to unpack and share with you. This particular strategy isn’t a new one but it works beautifully, it’s easy and it’s one that you’ll greatly benefit by adding to your Instagram marketing toolbox. (more…)