Did you know that Sister Act Media offers a ton of great, educational resources?

If you are not going down the retainer client approach—or you’re a notorious DIYer (a do-it-yourselfer)—then this section of our site is going to be right up your alley.


Business owners, marketing and PR directors, and cause-driven non-profits have used SAM’s online educational resources to strengthen their brands and stand out from their competitors in the “Socialmediasphere.” Skip right to the shortcuts, laid out for you step-by-step, in our most up to date educational course.


We offer complimentary webinars because, in today’s ever-changing new media landscape, it’s difficult to go it alone. Hear real stories, from real clients, and real social media accounts to experience the inside scoop. We specialize in research-backed content that you can present directly to your boss, leadership team or senior executives.

How-to Content and Success Guides

Click here to visit our treasure trove of How-to articles, business leadership and entrepreneurial advice, interviews with the best and brightest marketing educators, and of course, bonus PDFs and checklists to help you take action and implement the information. Don’t be that stubborn person who has to learn everything on their own. Come, “join our family” of seasoned marketing veterans and learn what’s really working in today’s busy online marketplace.