Has Your Business Made The Switch on Instagram?

Has Your Business Made The Switch on Instagram?

You knew it was coming didn’t you? Instagram has rolled out business accounts, which makes it easier for customers to get in touch with you. Has your business made the switch on Instagram yet? This short post shows you exactly how to switch your account to a business account.

Before you follow these steps, it is important to analyze if this is a good option for your business. I think eventually, all pages that want to run ads will have to switch, but for now, it is still optional.

First, let’s check out the good reasons.IMG_3024 The first reason to switch is that you get analytics right from the app.

There is a whole section for insights and as you can see from the picture, you will be able to see your top posts, weekly impressions, and info about your followers. You will also be able to see results from your ads if you decide to run them. This is great because it gives you a clear picture of what is, and what isn’t working on your page.

IMG_3028Another good reason to switch is that people will have more ways to actually get in contact with your business. They can get a phone number, an email, and directions if the account owner decides to provide all of that information.

If you are a brick and mortar, this can be especially useful to help people easily locate your business.

The bad? Well, rumor has it that engagement drops at a high rate once you change accounts. Anyone feel the Facebook syndrome coming? We hope that it does not turn into a pay to play environment but it is probably only a matter of time.

Is there a way to get around this? Sort of…. keep creating good content. Find what your audience likes and be creative on your account. Good content will always be good content.

Whenever you are ready to make the switch, follow the steps below for a quick and easy transition.

Step 1.  Go to Your Settings


If you are not sure where they are, they can be found by touching the circle on the bottom right to get to your profile, and then touching the gear on the top right.


Step 2.  Switch to a Business Profile. 



If you scroll down in your settings, you find the option to switch to a business profile.


Step 3.  Login with Facebook



Instagram takes you to the Instagram for Business Page shown in the first image. From there, you click “Log in with Facebook.” This takes you to the second image. Click “OK” and then you see the third image which says, “Connect Your Facebook Page.” This then takes you to the last image which shows you a list of your Facebook pages. Choose the Facebook Page that corresponds with the Instagram account.

Step 4.  Set Up Your Business Profile



This is where the fun happens (in my opinion). Choose an email which you would like to connect to the account. You definitely want to choose an email that is a good “front door” email. Why? Because you don’t want spam going to your personal account. This is an email that anyone who visits your Instagram account will be able to send to, so choose wisely.

Then, you can connect your phone number and an address. You do not need to include all of this information. However, if you are a brick and mortar business, this information is there to help people get to your business quicker.

Step 5.  Celebrate


Now, pat yourself on the back. We do not celebrate the small things in life enough. So take a moment, and enjoy the welcome message you receive from Instagram and check this task off your to-do list today. See you on Instagram!


Chelsey Veturis Baker

Chelsey Veturis Baker is the Chief Operating Officer of new media consultancy Sister Act Media. A veteran content marketing strategist, Baker oversees an arsenal of consumer-facing, branded social media profiles including pages on Facebook with more than 4.72 million fans – and accounts on Twitter with more than 42,000 followers. Named one of the “100 Greatest Women in Social Media,” Chelsey positions companies on the first pages of Google. She’s an Elite Member of Yelp, a “Top 50 Tweep to Follow,” an official Huffington Post “Female Geek,” and an inaugural keynote speaker for the O.C. Social Media Summit. 


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