Instagram Announces Portrait and Landscape Orientation

Instagram made an announcement and really, it is quite an exciting one! They said that,

“in addition to square posts — you can now share photos and videos in both portrait and landscape orientation on Instagram.”

Happiness lies in the joy of achievement_miniDid anyone else hear the hallelujah chorus? What this means, is that instead of going through third party apps like InstaSize to change the size of your photo, you can now show your entire image on Instagram without worrying if it fits into the square because all photo sizes are supported. This also works for video too… Hello widescreen videos :)

To see how to use this new feature, watch the short video at the top of this post.

The best news is that this gives everyone the opportunity to share better photos and videos. Not only do you have more options on Instagram, but you have the ability to be more creative than ever. I hope you enjoy these fabulous new features!


Chelsey Veturis Baker is the Chief Operating Officer of new media consultancy Sister Act Media. A veteran content marketing strategist, Baker oversees an arsenal of consumer-facing, branded social media profiles including pages on Facebook with more than 4.72 million fans – and accounts on Twitter with more than 42,000 followers. Named one of the “100 Greatest Women in Social Media,” Chelsey positions companies on the first pages of Google. She’s an Elite Member of Yelp, a “Top 50 Tweep to Follow,” an official Huffington Post “Female Geek,” and an inaugural keynote speaker for the O.C. Social Media Summit. 


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