Thank you for your interest in working with Sister Act Media.

Our services are designed to help you generate sales more efficiently through the magic of content marketing.

If you’re interested in pulling in unexpected customers, establishing yourself as a thought leader, increasing your visibility, and building a long-term platform to further your company’s message and mission—then there’s a wonderful chance that we’ll be a great fit to work together.

Here’s a list of the services included within our five-part Content Development Process, our most popular package.

1. Story Discovery + Content Curation

Every company has a story to share—a message that they are passionate about getting out into the world. The abundance of story ideas hidden within your company is exhilarating. We go through your musty, old archives, clean up old content, refresh it and give it new life.

  • Finding Blogworthy Stories—each month, we bring five to seven possible themes/story ideas your way based on your archives, customer feedback and keyword research.
  • Stay in the know with your very own Blog Editorial Calendar and improve your PR strategy with content that gets the attention of editors, journalists, and editorial researchers—this is a brilliant way to get on the media’s radar—from the inside out—in your company’s own voice.
  • One of the best reasons to appreciate content marketing is its ability to be reinvented—over and over again. It is recyclable; and can be repurposed in endless iterations.

2. Valuable Content for Your Blog

Once you give us the green light on which themes/story ideas resonate, together we confirm the blog posts you want commissioned.

  • You can have us create quality posts for you weekly, monthly, or on an as-needed basis with the Sister Act Media Unique Blog Writing Process.
  • Each post runs between 500 to 750 words and includes an accompanying image or custom designed graphic.
  • A successful content marketing strategy for your blog gives you more control over your message, positively influences purchasing decisions, and makes it easy to provide additional value in the future.

3. Content Upgrades + Lead Generation

Your content is only as good as the leads it generates. Yes, this is a new (very powerful) way of thinking but don’t you love it? The idea that each piece of content is now a lead generator, generating endless leads for your business, growing your list—one of your company’s most valuable assets—and really, earning its keep on your website?

  • Allow us to assure that each new post on your blog gets an additional Custom Content Upgrade—an asset that visitors enter their name and e-mail address to receive.
  • Through our Copywriting + Custom Design services, your content upgrade will get people’s attention, position you as a helpful resource, and increase newsletter signups.
  • Allow us to manage the delivery of your content upgrade—Content Upgrade Delivery System Integration—while also connecting and syncing signups with your e-mail service provider and client relations management (CRM) software.

4. Social Media Sharing + Community Nurturing

Your content is also, only as good as its shareability. If no one is reading your blog posts or watching your videos then communication has not taken place. It’s like the proverbial tree in the forest—if a piece of content was posted but no one consumed it was it worth the effort of creating it in the first place? The obvious answer is no. While it’s tempting to use a site that allows you to post the same update to 500 social networks with the click of one button, let’s be honest here. It’s not going to be effective—you know that this is a fantasy. Real, true social media is about relationships. It goes back to that proven, time-tested saying, “People first. Business follows.” As your brand ambassadors, it is our job to build relationships on your behalf.

  • Allow us to enhance the brand image of your Twitter feed, post daily updates (3 to 8 times per day), provide customer service to your followers by responding to their questions, re-post/re-share positive comments and updates, monitor Twitter for conversations taking place in which your product or service is the solution—and in turn, engage appropriately in these conversations connecting people with relevant information directly from your company’s website.
  • Allow us to manage your organization’s Facebook page, post updates on a schedule dictated by your page’s most engaged followers—accounting for current posting habits measured against interactions from your community.
  • Additionally, allow us to build valuable relationships with your audience through daily updates on Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Google+.

5. Facebook Ads to Increase Exposure

Lastly, is what we like to call the “icing on the cake,” increasing your exposure through Facebook ads. With management of Facebook pages in excess of 100,000 fans, our team has the experience to add and optimize content to your business Facebook page and boost this content through Facebook’s ad offerings—custom audiences, look-alike audiences, and website conversion optimized bidding.

  • Facebook advertising is sought-after right now for good reason. You get more leads and clients by reaching a larger audience of people likely to be interested in your business. Our Facebook Ad Campaign Management comes with a $300 monthly budget built into the rates. Don’t get sucked into the “trend” of Facebook advertising without knowing what you’re doing. Allow us to save you thousands of wasted hours and dollars with a complete Facebook Advertising Plan designed specifically for you.

We offer risk-free trials and money-back guarantees, of course.

Because we develop long-term, mutually beneficial relationships with our retainer clients there aren’t always openings. Message support[at]sisteractmedia[dot]com to get the process started. Together, let’s determine if there’s a potential match.

We look forward to serving you and thank you for your visit to our site.